08 Jun 2019

The new site is live!

DevOps for Defense now has an open source site & blog for our community.

DevOps for Defense at Your Fingertips

Welcome to the new DevOps for Defene web site. We hope you find it useful and welcome any any feedback from the community to improve. Over time, we’ll evolve this site to give you easy access to information, announcements, presentations, and DevOps resources.

Site Content

The DevOps for Defense web site provides you easy access to all the content and announcements from the meetup.


Our blog will capture announcements and provide summaries and links to presentations going forward. We can’t capture the experience of attending for you, but we can make sure you don’t miss any content.

Occasionally we present a series of presentations, demos, and exercises on a focus subject. For example, last year we did a series titled Agile Deep Dive with great support from members of our community. Our Featured Series section will collect all these together in one organized and easy to access location.


We end every meetup with a chart showing some recommended reading and online resources we believe you may find useful. This section of the site will provide you direct access to many of our favorite resources.


Our committent to open source doesn’t stop with posting presentations to GitHub. This site is also open source and served up using GitHub Pages. This site is generated using Jekyll, so contributing your own post may be as simple as drafting up a short markdown file. If you’d like contribute, you can submit your posts or site improvements through a pull request.


Image (screen capture) by Jondavid Black, published under MIT Open Source license on GitHub.