22 Oct 2019

December Guest Speaker - GitHub

GitHub Will Speak at the December Meetup

GitHub Shifts Left on Cyber Security!

I’m thrilled to announce that GitHub will be our guest speaker for the December 5th meetup! GitHub is the world’s largest software repository supporting over 40 million developers world wide. We’ve learned from Jez Humble and Nichole Forsgren’s DORA studies that ubiquitous Configuration Management is the #1 indicator for high performing teams. GitHub and GitHub Enterprise are the market leading CM solutions and go well beyond version control. The GitHub lead engineer for the DoD and Intelligence Community will tell us about exciting new features like their artifact repository, dependency analysis and vulnerability scanning, and source code CWE analysis on commit making it much easier to develop and deliver cyber resilient systems.

Please print a copy of the event flyer and post it in your office, break room, or university to help us get the word out. The flyer is designed to print landscape on legal size paper.


Flyer created by JD Black based on design by Justan Provence and approved for distribution by GitHub.