17 Nov 2019

DevOps Days Lightning Talk

DevOps for Defense at DevOps Days Chattanooga

Community Driven DevOps Transformation

This year eight of us got together and carpooled to Chattanooga on a very brisk Tuesday morning for the DevOps Days conference. We saw a number of great presentations, talked to some vendors, had some great discussions, and enjoyed some really good food. Some highlights for me were presentations on streamlining operations response, aggressively pushing cyber security, running effective DevOps Dojos, and a deep look at systems thinking. The organizers did a great job again this year. I’ll be looking forward to another great event next year.

We had a little surprise this year as well. I had shared a Lightning Talk about our DevOps for Defense meetup with Alex, one of the DevOps Days organizers, at the DevOps Enterprise Summit in October. Just before lunch, Alex asked if I would like to present the talk. With a little mental preparation, I was honored to have the opportunity to speak. It was great talking about what we’ve done in Huntsville and brag on our amazing community. I hope you enjoy the video below, and recommend you subscribe to the DevOps Days Chattanooga YouTube channel to catch other conference videos as they are published.


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