06 Feb 2021

DevOps for Documentation

Rigorous management and automated delivery of documents

Document Pipelines

For February we’re trying something a little different. Rather than doing a live session, we’re doing something a bit more cinematic (hopefully). I’ve spent some time experimenting with strategies on how to better manage our documentation and release documents using automated pipelines. When we realize a large number of our contract deliverables are actually documents and we recognize the huge amount of resources that go into document creation, maintenance, and delivery…it begs a more rigorous approach. In this presention I share an approach intended to be as approachable as possible while applying core DevOps principles. I hope you find this useful and are able to experiment with it yourself or apply it to your work. I also hope you enjoy the demo and discover something delicious!

The meetup presentation is posted as open source to our GitHub repository.

If you can’t make it to our meetup, remember to subscribe to the DevOps for Defene YouTube channel.


Image from Foundation for Economic Education