04 Dec 2021

Azure at December Meetup

Microsoft Azure is flying in and QTEC is hosting a book club to celebrate our 4 yr anniversary.

Microsoft Azure Guest Speaker

Everyone knows Microsoft is one of the largest and most innovative software companies in the world!
Microsoft Azure is an industry leading cloud provider with a broad range of capability available for commercial, government (IL4), and secure government (IL6) use. This month Microsoft’s Linh Nguyen flew in to share his knowledge and experience working with many teams to improve how they create and deliver value in our world. I’m particularly excited because Linh was part of teams you’ve heard of before including “Kessel Run” and “ATO in a Day”. As we strive to learn and improve, the technologies and lessons we can learn from people like Linh can help us on our own paths to achieving amazing outcomes. I’d like to send a huge thanks to Microsoft and Linh for agreeing to support and speak with us at our 4 year anniversary celebration.

QTEC Book Club

QTEC is a local woman owned small business that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for many years. The QTEC team works across an exciting range of domains including missile defense, aviation, and commercial space. QTEC also recently celebrated their 20 year anniversary. This month I’m excited to have QTEC sponsor a Book Club for Sooner Safey Happier by Jonathan Smart. QTEC had some books to hand out, but I encourage anyone to go buy your own copy. This is a really great book that describes a series of anti-patterns we often face in adopting DevOps practices and the patterns your teams can use to overcome pitfalls. Jonathan Smart is also a great and entertaining speaker, so check out some of his talks online if you get a chance. I owe a huge thanks to QTEC (Carol, Rick, Steve, and Co.) for reaching out to help our community continue to learn and grow by sponsoring this book club. Go check out their web site, and if you’re looking for something new you may want to talk with them about potential career opportunities.

DevOps for Defense 4 Year Anniversary

December marks the 4 year anniversary of our DevOps for Meetup. It’s been so much fun to organize. It’s also been massively rewarding to have the opportunity to meet, share, and learn with such a diverse, smart, and innovative group of people over the past few years. The pandemic certainly made things difficult for a while but even then our community was able to continue with virtual events and guests. Over this whole time we’ve been able to keep things completely public and 100% open source. None of that could have been successful without such great interest and participation from our community. My final overwhelming thanks goes out to all of you for making this possible. Without your contributions of time, knowledge, and experience…your willingness to openly share and learn with others and maintain a safe collaborative space…our little meetup would have withered away long ago. Now I’m excited to see how we can continue to share, learn, and improve together as we go into our 5th year! Thank you!

Linh’s meetup presentation is posted as open source to our GitHub repository. Thanks to Linh and Microsoft for allowing us to post their material for our community.

And here’s a copy of the event flyer. For best printer results setup your printer for full page, landscape, legal size paper.

Thanks to everyone who joined to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. Additional thanks goes out to TekSystems for bringing in food for our celebration. TekSystems has be a great support to the meetup since way back at our first anniversary and we truly appreciate their continued support for the community. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

If you can’t make it to our meetup, remember to subscribe to the DevOps for Defene YouTube channel.


Image created by JD Black