18 Jan 2020

DevOps Fundamentals

A DevOps Back-to-Basics Review and Discusion

DevOps 3 Ways

Software Lifecycle Battle - Image customized by JD Black

At the request from our community, we take a step back and look at the foundational principles of DevOps. This month we provide an overview of the 3 Ways of DevOps: Systems Thinking & Flow, Feedback, and Continuous Learning & Experimentation. We also briefly review the origins of Agile and DevOps, highlighting that our focus should be using these principles to deliver customer value above all. Agile & DevOps alone are not our goals. Rather, Agile & DevOps provide us with the tools and techniques to deliver more value to our customers and their mission critical needs.

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Charts from the meetup are posted as open source to our GitHub repository.

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Image by JD Black.