06 Feb 2020

Life of a Microservice at Shipt

Real world DevOps within our local community.

How Shipt Deploys Multiple Times Per Day

Vadim Uchitel presents at the Feb 2020 DevOps for Defense Meetup

This month we welcomed Vadim Uchitel to present. Vadim is a member of our local community who uses Agile/DevOps practices in his daily work at Shipt. Shipt is a grocery order and delivery company owned by Target with over a million customers. Vadim takes us through their DevOps processes from planning through deployment and describes how they achieve multiple deployments per day with confidence. This case study from the Shipt commercial world provides insight into many of the processes and tools which should be adopted and tailored for our defense and government contracting world. I was particularly excited to hear about how Shipt has implemented continuous monitoring and operational telemetry! I encourage everyone in our community to review Vadim’s presentation and see what you can learn to improve your team’s value stream.

The meetup organizers would like to thank Vadim for volunteering to contribute and allowing us to publish his content as open source for our cummunity. Vadim has been a valuable member of our meetup for months. Be sure to meet him at future meetups and share your thanks. I also recommend finding him at a lean coffee table and learning from his experiences.

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Charts from the meetup are posted as open source to our GitHub repository.

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Images by JD Black.