06 Aug 2020

Continuous ATO with Dark Wolf SOlutions

Authors of the USAF Continuous ATO Playbook present - Fast Track and Continuous ATO

Fast Track and Continuous ATO

This month we welcomed a guest speaker to our virtual meetup. Dark Wolf Solutions Deputy Director for Cybersecurity Practice, Tom Marlow, is an author of the US Air Force’s Continuous ATO Playbook. As our industry transitions to adopt DevSecOps and implement Software Factories, these practices become foundational to our ability to develop, deliver, and operate our environments. Building upon Risk Management Framework (RMF), Fast Track ATO and Continuous ATO give us the solutions we need to shift left on security and deliver value to our Warfighters at mission speed. As our government customers explore and evaluate alternitives for cloud-based development (and sometimes operations), our architectures, processes, and tools must evolve. Dark Wolf Solutions provides an introduction to this changing landscape and give us the knowledge we need to embrace this new paradigm of working.

This month’s Fast Track and Continuous ATO presentation from Dark Wolf Solutions is posted as open source to our GitHub repository.

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Images from Dark Wolf Solutions.