07 Sep 2019


Atlassian Solutions to Help Agile / DevOps teams.

Help Your Team Deliver More with Atlassian Tools

This month we had Patrick, Jeff, and Manohar from Trundl (Atlassian Platinum Partner), give us an overview of what’s happening in the world of Atlassian. Atlassian is a leading provider of tools to help your Agile teams run like clockwork. The Atlassian suite includes tools like Jira, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, and now Jira Align. Many teams in our domain use these tools to plan and track their work, collaborate with their peers, and deliver value in their systems. Patrick and the guys gave us a great overview of the latest Atlassian tools and plugins and how they are being used to help simplify and automate team’s workflows. We also heard about Jira Align (recently acquired capability from Agilecraft) and how it helps teams scale and communicate with program management while still empowering teams to be autonomous. Of course, we have to thank our presenters for providing Smokey’s BBQ as well. The feedback from our members was great and Patrick, Jeff, and Manohar may come back for another update on the world of Atlassian in the future. If that happens, be sure to share your experience this month and spread the word to help more in our community better understand how to become more Agile and adopt DevOps practices in their daily work.

Charts from the meetup are posted as open source to our GitHub repository. Chart 8 has contact info if you’d like to ask Patrick and his team for help setting up or optimizing Atlassian products for your team.


Image taken by JD Black