03 Oct 2019

DoD CIO DevSecOps Reference Design

Review DoD CIO guidance on DevSecOps

Review and discuss the DoD CIO’s DevSecOps Reference Design

In August of 2019, the DoD CIO published guidance and reference design for the adoption of DevSecOps across the defense industry. This guidance is mostly relevant to new programs (and we’re already seeing that impact here in Huntsville), but should also be considered within existing programs as they modernize and adopt Agile/DevSecOps practices. This month’s presentation will highlight some of the key points in the published DevSecOps Reference Design and review the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that teams should strive to establish.

Charts from the meetup are posted as open source to our GitHub repository. You can also find the published DevSecOps Reference design and a presentation by Nicholas Chilean (USAF Chief Software Office) on the topic from a recent RedHat conference on our Resources Page. As a bonus, you can also see a brief introduction to Security-as-Code in a conference presentaiton from the 2015 DevOps Enterprise Summit on the same page.


Image taken from DoD CIO DevSecOps Reference Design publication.