06 Jun 2019

Turn the Ship Around - Ties to DevOps

Our guest speaker Megan Ford presents on leadership.

Turn The Ship Around - Ties to DevOps

This month we take a look at DevOps leadership and culture. Megan Ford is our guest speaker. Megan provides us an overview of a populare book within the DevOps community and the leadership perspectives we can learn from a retired Navy submarine captain to apply to our work.
Megan has spent the last year working as an Agile team Product Owner and was wanted to discover improved leadership principles and practices to apply in her work. I recommended she read Turn the Ship Around by Capt (Ret) David Marquet and present what she learned to our community.

Megan’s presentation is available open source on our GitHub repository.

Turn the Ship Around is one of the DevOps for Defense recommended reading items. Special thanks to our TEKsystems sponsor for providing copies for the book club this month!


Photo by Jondavid Black, published under MIT Open Source license on GitHub.